The origin of Evertrue Ventures:

There is something special about Brown University alumni -- we think independently, reject norms, take risks, thrive in unstructured environments, develop deep convictions about what should exist in the world, and seek social change. And every year, increasing numbers of entrepreneurs leave the Van Wickle Gates with startups that have the potential to take off.  Our alumni community possesses a wealth of experience and resources that can help them -- insightful investors, successful entrepreneurs, and passionate supporters. 

Imagine what it would be like if every entrepreneur knew that when they left Van Wickle Gates, we had a community of entrepreneurs and investors ready to help them succeed in the next chapter. What do you think would be possible?

Evertrue Ventures launched in 2016 as the formal channel for them to connect -- to bring together Brown University alumni who will invest in, advise, and support alumni-led startups.  We've built partnerships with other alumni-based angel groups, accelerators, and venture capital firms, to build an extended pipeline of support for the Brown alumni entrepreneur community.